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DR-60 (A) Agro

A specialized version of the complex invented for the rapid treatment of sowing by ultra-low-volume spraying (ULV).

It is easy to operate with it in the field conditions, furthermore, the acceleration of the cultivation process and application of the Plant Prot. (plants protection) while significant reductions of several objects of expenditure will become important elements in your business managing. “AeroFab Ukraine” helps to accurately implement and achieve solutions in the production chain.

The complex is equipped with an on-board specialized real-time processor, as well as numerous sensors, which in combination with a highly reliable navigation system guarantee positioning accuracy and safety of any flight task.

The highly accurate dispersion system of plant protection means will spread the chemicals exactly where they are needed, saving your time, water, chemicals, and reducing operational costs.

Main characteristics

The length of the aircraft

4.0 m


6.5 m

Working speed

100 km/h

The maximum takeoff weight

170 kg

The maximum flight time

6 hours

Flight altitude

5-10 m

The rate of liquid application

1-3 l/ha

The drop size

100 mk

Working width

20 m


< 80 kg


60 ha/h

Accuracy of movement retention

1 m

High efficiency


per day



One UAV and a team of 2 people can handle the area of 500 hectares per day. And this is not a limit, because the team of operators can simultaneously manage 5 UAVs, increasing the cultivation area to 2.5 thousand hectares per day.

Processing accuracy


m, working


m, movement accuracy

The UAV flies at an altitude up to 10 meters, taking into account the terrain and obstacles. During the flight, electronics guarantee accuracy in the strip up to 1 m. The width of the cultivated area is 20 m.

The usage of ULV


drop size



The dispersion of processing means is carried out in accurately dosed volumes and dotty – one drop of 100 microns. This ensures the use of working fluid in a range of 1-3 liters per hectare.

About ultra-low volume spraying technology

Reducing the drop radius twice allows receiving 8 times more drops with the same amount of working liquid

By reducing the refueling and water amount, the efficiency grows at least twice

The possibility of repeated chemical applications kills several generations of vermins.

The ability to set the flight tasks for UAVs with the selection of the volume and type of chemicals.


12 months warranty

More about the guarantee conditions in the technical documentation of the complex.


Operator course

“Aerofab Ukraine” provides operators training to ensure safe and efficient work.



Engineers and technicians will always help to maintain your complexes in perfect condition.

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