When purchasing the complex, Aerofab Ukraine instructors will lead a training course for your pilots. The preparation will take between 4 and 5 weeks, and will include all the required knowledge and skills to ensure safe and efficient work. The program includes acquaintance with the legal framework, requirements, and restrictions that exist at the time of course duration. Education is divided into modules that contain all the essential theoretical and practical training.


General knowledge of unmanned solutions
Weather conditions and activity restrictions
Navigation and radio navigation of the complex
Characteristics of the complex and flight parameters
Control station, autopilot
Flight procedures and evacuation protocols
Development of a flight plan
Work with a Horizon and flight simulator
Knowledge test (theory)


Learning working with a simulator
Individual training with a simulator
Flight training with an instructor
Pre-flight training
Automatic takeoff
Automatic landing
Execution of the mission
After-flight maintenance
Checkpoint (exam)

Those who complete the course become certified UAV pilots with a full package of knowledge and practical skills, as well as receive the right to fly using the DR-60 complex.

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